Ten steps to success

  1. The passion is the key. We are ready to fall in love with you and your project.
  2. By the right questions we usually may read your mind and that’s why we are often able to fulfil either your hidden wishes. That's the understanding of your business needs.
  3. We meditate about the assignment.
    The main job itself is done by the inner imagination.
  4. We draw the concept, rethink the basic design ideas and collect a content, which includes a copywriting material.  
  5. We assign the tasks to the team members and we work.  
  6. We are ready to deliver partial solutions to the customer for approval.
  7. We test as much as need
  8. We are ready to launch a primary version
  9. We are ready to continue to mount up your project, if you wish. 
  10. We always are here to improve our solutions and correct any deficiencies, included a non-stop hotline support.


the pfofessional approach

Since we often have multiple projects or clients at the same time open, the management  approach is the key.  For more complex projects we are able to implement an genuine SCRUM methodology.


In general, we use our self-developed AGILE management methodology, which perfectly fits to our working environment.

So, we alway may meet the deadline.


the real flexibility

"Mike Dean is relatively rare example of truly flexible worker. He works for high-powered consulting firm Accenture as head of its business process outsourcing unit for the UK, Ireland and Nordics. He is responsible for 900 staff and business worth hundreds of millions of pounds.  But he does not have an office.”  

Business reimagined (c)2013 Dave Coplin

We love to be surrounded by other professionals. Either in open workspaces such as Google Campus London, or people located in Kosice, which is known for its growing Kosice IT Valley. Eastern Slovakia economics is based mostly on the steel industry (USSteel Kosice) and IT sector. The town is popular destination for many reputable companies, which also invest much in education
(e.g. AT&T, Ness, T-Systems, IBM, GlobalLogic, Siemens etc.) http://www.kosiceitvalley.sk/en/

Kosice Office

For the case of the real team cooperation (e.g. the genuine Scrum management), we have an office. It is located in Kosice, Slovakia. It is also a fully equipped photography studio.

But in general, we do not need an office. In our team, we also have a tester located behind the Great Wall of China and honestly, we do not care what the office looks like. We only care in people, devices and the workflow. We do not adhere the opening time neither. We work when we need to. But yes, if that is possible, we appreciate the common off-time breaks, like evenings, weekends and holidays.  

We work anywhere. We live in the future.