solving your needs

We are open minded. However, either we may bring you a new look and suggestions, we also deeply trust to your way of doing your business. We respect your opinions.


We love to be surrounded by other professionals. Either in open workspaces such as Google Campus London, or people located in Kosice, which is known for its growing Kosice IT Valley. Eastern Slovakia economics is based mostly on the steel industry (USSteel Kosice) and IT sector. The town is popular destination for many reputable companies, which also invest much in education
(e.g. AT&T, Ness, T-Systems, IBM, GlobalLogic, Siemens etc.) http://www.kosiceitvalley.sk/en/

the price

We may save your money, if you wish so. We may bring you some highly effective solutions no matter what the budget is. We’ll just simplify the final product as much as possible, but that does not mean the lower efficiency. Less is often more.

business first

We shall increase your income with comprehensive marketing, lower your expenses by applying process automatisation or we may help you to run the new business identity.


We are able to adapt to your conditions. No useless bureaucracy in the process.


We are ready to fall in love with your business. We are going to understand you and your needs and desires.

professional approach

For more complex projects we are able to implement an genuine SCRUM methodology. In general, we use our self-developed AGILE management methodology, which perfectly fits to our working environment. So, we always may meet the critical deadline.


However, despite the professional approach, you’ll enjoy the cooperation. We love to enjoy every single day.


We already found that nothing is still working perfectly and with this fact we count in the estimation. That is why we are ready to solve any unexpected issue. Either by ourselves, or by asking an outsourcing company.

the future changes

We use the most common and contemporary technologies, so if you will decide to ask another agency to make any changes in our solutions in the future, it’ll be easy.

full service or partial

If you wish, we may take care of the whole process, from design to implementing, included photography, design, coding, copywriting, business processes automatisation and learning. However, you may only ask for a partial solution only.


We have years of experiences with the knowledge sharing and we are ready to train you.

You’ll get, what you need.